Hostgator Coupons Up To 99% Off – Benefits & Analysis

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Many of the hostgator coupons appearing in many popular web sites are seasonal promo coupons that has expired long with the season. These still remains in the web sites after the season is over, use them and you get nothing. Any hostgator coupon offering more than 25% off is either a seasonal or “one month off” thing and offer lesser benefit than the ones given here. During occasions like Christmas, Easter, Valentine day, anniversary day etc hostgator issues promo coupons which expire after the season. These seasonal coupons are heavily promoter by hostgator Affiliate Marketers like me and after the season the expired coupons remains scattered in 1000s of web pages over the internet. So anytime you see a “hostgator coupon 70% off” BEWARE!


If you are looking for hostgator coupon code then this is the best code for you. You can read on for further analysis of these coupons.

1 azucohost25 This will give you 25% off all hosting plans
2 azucohost994 This will give you $9.94 off first payment
3 azucoded25 This will give you 25% off all dedicated hosting
4 Azucovps25 This will give you 25% off all vps hosting plans
5 Azucores25 This will give you 25% off all reseller hosting plans
6 azucohostgator This will give you 25% off all hosting plans

THIS ARE NOT A SEASONAL COUPONS, IT LAST FOREVER. If you want to know why I think this is the best coupon, then continue reading.


  1. Go to
  2. Click to view the hosting plan of your choice. The picture below is a snap shot of the hosting plans.
  3. Click the drop down menu to select the period you want to pay
  4. Click on order button
  5. Enter your domain name
  6. Enter azucohost25 or any one of the coupons above as your coupon code; delete any coupon code automatically inserted (see reason below)
  7. Continue to step 2 to complete your personal information and credit card number.


Discount is good, everybody loves to receive discount and I love it too. If I am going to pay $100 and you give 25% discount, I’ll pay $75, I’ll love to receive discount on anything. There are a lot of hostgator discount coupons all over the net with differences in the discount rate and period. If you are looking for such coupons without little education you may not know which one is good for you and what benefit you will get from each coupon.

The main aim of this article is to help you chose the best coupon for your web hosting business.


There are two (2) main types of hostgator coupons in terms of who issued them.

  1. Those issued by
  2. Those issued by hostgator affiliates like me.

Let’s go into these coupons in details.


These are coupons issued by the hosting company, These codes are applicable to all customers. The host issues different discount codes from time to time to new and old customers alike. During signup these coupons are sometimes automatically inserted into the coupons field by hostgator. If you have an affiliate coupon you may have to delete this coupon in order to use the affiliate coupon. The affiliate coupons mostly have greater benefits than those issued by hostgator.

I think there is a psychology in automatically inserting their coupons in the coupon field during signup. If you were going to use an affiliate coupon and realize there is already a coupon in there you may not use the affiliate coupon again. If you didn’t even know of a coupon and now you see a coupon code in the form, you’ll no more look for a coupon. But most of the time the affiliate coupon gives you greater benefit.

Who gains if you don’t use the affiliate coupon? Hostgator of course. For example, if you use my coupon code above, hostgator will give 25% commission for up to three (3) years, which may amount to over $100 depending on how long you want to pay. If you don’t use my coupon the 25% goes to hostgator. So, it is in your interest to use an affiliate coupon, it is in hostgator’s interest for you not to use an affiliate coupon. So, they’ll automatically insert their own coupons rather. Is hostgator against the use of affiliate coupons? NO! hostgator actually enables the affiliate to create the coupons. But if you sign up without a coupon they benefit more from not giving you the discount.


There are different types of coupons created by hostgator affiliates like me for the benefit of customers. If you use my coupon code like the ones provided above, you will receive 25% discount and I will receive my commission. The rate of the commission differs depending on the number of people who sign up with my coupon in the month. Most of the coupons gives the following benefits to you:

99% off first month

$0.01 for the first month

$9.94 off first month and

25% off first payment

Let’s now look at the benefit each of these coupons offer.


This give you 99% discount but for the first month. So, for the first month you will pay nothing but from second month onward you will pay the full amount. If you are going to host your site for more than one month, this may not be the best for you. I thing they offer lesser value apart from having psychologically enticing power to entice customers to signup. I don’t want to entice anybody to sign up with my coupon, but to give the best value. DON’T be misled by these huge % off coupons. they are only for one month THOUGH NOT ALL WILL TELL YOU THIS, THEY WANT YOU SIGN UP FOR THEM TO GET THEIR COMMISSIONS, PERIOD. If you are interested in such offer click on its banner right below.


This also is like the 99% off coupon. You will only pay $0.01 for the first month and pay the full amount from the second month onward. If you are interested in this offer click on its banner right below.

With this coupon code, an amount of $9.94 will be taken off the FIRST MONTH’S payment you will make. If the monthly payment is less than $9.94, you pay nothing in the first month but like the above, pay full amount from second month onward. If you are interested in this type of code take azucohost994 This will not be a good coupon unless you are hosting for just few months.


This is the type of coupon that gives best value for all type of hosting plan-shared, dedicated, VPS or reseller. At hostgator you can pay up to 3 years first time and get 25% discount for all the 3 years payment. All the other three (3) coupons discuss above gives you saving only in the first month. THOUGH SOME OF THE HUGE % OFF LOOK ENTICING TO NOVICE.

There is some psychology in these things. If you are not paying now it is easy to sign up. So, if you are not paying for the first month it is easy to sign up. But remember it is better to get 25% for 36 month than to get 100% for one month. Remember 100% for one(1) month=25% for four(4) month.

The table below will make each type of benefit clearer to you. We are assuming a monthly payment of $10 and a three year subscription.

1 99% off first month 99%*$10 $9.90
2 $0.01 for the first month $10-$0.01 $9.99
3 $9.94 off first month $9.94*1 $9.94
4 25% off first payment 25%*10*36 $90.00

I hope these few analysis has benefited you. Bookmark this page and come often. I love you.

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